5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy and Productive Business Relationship

Have you decided to start a business with your friend, sibling or partner? Let’s face it; you know each other very well, what could possibly go wrong?

Consider why you thought about setting up this business relationship in the first place. You know the person, you trust him/her, and you are able to share your thoughts and feelings openly. Doesn’t going into business together just seem like a natural step?

Here are 5 ways to keep your business relationship on track:

1. Talk honestly about what you want the business to achieve for you. Do your goals and aspirations match? Do you hold the same values? Get any potential problems out in the open from the start rather than running into issues as your business grows.

2. Speak to other people who have set up in business together. Find out what has worked to help build their successful relationship. Ask them to share the ups and downs to paint you a clearer picture.

3. Set agreed ground rules for the operation of the business e.g. your individual roles, pay and the number of hours you will work etc Prepare for the worst by establishing a painless exit strategy.

4. Give it a go before you officially commit to going into business together. A trial period allows you to see if you really are compatible. Perhaps work on some small projects first.

5. Review at an early stage. Is it working for you both? Are you meeting your expectations? Have the goal posts moved? Share your grievances. Review your progress on a regular basis.

Working together with a friend, colleague or partner can develop into a highly successful partnership however it’s best to set ground rules to make sure your business dealings remain in agreement, just like your personal relationship.

10 Ways to Build a Great Product for Your Information Product Business

Ebooks, Videos, Audio Clips. The way information can be packaged and distributed online is now so varied and can come in many forms.

As such, you should continually keep up with the times and learn how to repackage the information you have into informational products that are unique and can deliver quality in the best way possible.

Here are 10 ways in which you can deliver your information and content in a unique manner that will make your followers happy and also build up your credibility and allow you to make more money online as well!

1. Syndicated Column

If you have an article, post your article content on your own website and on others (including articles directories). Also seek out opportunities to write articles for newspapers or for sites as an expert. Allow others to syndicate your site content via RSS feeds.

2. Articles

Take your e-book and shape it into articles. This is as easy as finding 1-2 pages in your e-book that covers a complete idea, editing it lightly (so that it takes on the feel of an article), and then using it as desired.

3. Software

Now that PDFs are easy and cheap to create, they no longer have the vaunted status that they once held. If you want to increase the perceived value of a product now, your best bet is to turn it into a piece of software.

One cheap and easy what to do this is to use HTML and/or FLASH to create an executable file that allows buyers to search through your content.

4. CD/DVD Training

Instead of selling your content in the form of a video or audio program, you can consider breaking it up into parts, posting it on a secure website over the course of months, and charging a fee to access the membership content.

5. Magazine

Use article or newsletter content to create a physical or electronic magazine. Charge companies a fee to post advertisements in your magazine or newsletter.

6. Keynote Speaking

Once you become an established expert in your field, expect to be asked to do speaking events. Take content from your products, summarize it on PowerPoint slides, and present it to the audience.

7. Resell Rights

Allow others to resell your product and earn 100% of the profits. The downside of this is that you’ll lose control of the product, but the upside is that you’ll earn a lot by selling the resell rights.

8. Private Label Rights

Sell your content as a form of private label content, allowing buyers to resell and customize it as their own. This will bring in more money per sale, but will make it so the product is no longer exclusively your own.

9. Licensing

Offer licensing or volume discounts for companies who are interested in purchasing your product for employees.

10. Foreign Rights

Hire a translator to reproduce your product in other languages. Focus on languages that people speak in populous countries with widespread Internet use.

Making Money Online With A Work From Home Watkins Products Business

When I was growing up in rural Louisiana in there were 5 things I could always count on every month: rain, humidity, mosquitoes, MaMa’s southern fried chicken and a visit by “the Watkins man.” The Watkins man always arrived with a friendly smile, a new Boudreaux joke for my grandfather and a small suitcase filled with samples of Watkins products and a money back guarantee for every product.

My grandfather didn’t drive and rarely rode into town (10 miles away) with my mom and dad to buy anything. When he did, it was usually to buy feed, seed, fishing or hunting equipment. But if every needed something the Watkins man sold he would always hold off and wait to placing his order on our Watkins Associate’s next visit.

My favorite Watkins products growing up represented the building blocks of Watkins, the original products the company was founded upon back in 1868. I’m speaking of red liniment, Petro-Carbo Salve, Watkins Cinnamon and their world famous, double-extract vanilla. My grandfather swore by his Petro-Carbo Salve and never failed to put it on every cut, scrape, bite, burn or splinter wound I endured growing up. He claimed the miracle salve would cure the dead, and given all the ailments I saw it cure in my own family I never doubted him.

Despite my fond affection for Watkins products, I never dreamed of one day becoming a Watkins Associate myself. But after 11 years of building successful Internet marketing enterprises that required me inventing and creating new products of my own, something that was always very time consuming, the thought occurred to me one day that I needed great products that I don’t have to build or create myself. I had a theory that my online marketing methods and techniques were solid enough that I could successfully sell products that are traditionally thought of as “direct sales products” to consumers online, from the comfort of my home. All I needed was the right company with the right products, and that is where Watkins Incorporated came into the picture.

Watkins has 350 different products, all what I call “personal home products.” From cleaning products, gourmet spices, food flavorings and extracts, to first aid, healthcare and beauty products, the company offers something that every consumer can use in the home daily. Founded 140 years ago and the originator of the first-ever moneyback guarantee, Watkins has an impeccable reputation and is known to treat its associates like kings.

Despite all these great qualities and Watkins products throughout my household, the answer to “where I was going to find products to sell online did not come to me quickly. As my grandfather would have said, “If it were a snake it would have bit you.” Truly, I could not see the forest for the trees. Instead, I researched the Internet for several months trying to find the right company with the right products. It was only after a trip to the medicine cabinet one day to get some red liniment to treat a strained back that the thought occurred to me, “now this is a product I believe in and would have no problem in selling.”

Curiosity got the best of me and it wasn’t 2 minutes later I was searching the Watkins website to see just how many products they had and what they were up to online. During that search process I looked for successful Watkins associates and discovered the Summit Group, an elite group of Watkins associates that offer tremendous training and educational resources for any associates in their group (or downline). It was then and there that I not only wanted to join Watkins as a new associate, but I also wanted to join as a member of the Summit Group so that I could offer the same training and education to associates I recruit.

Since joining Watkins I have tested my online marketing and sales techniques and confirmed that (1) yes, one can operate a direct sales company online, (2) it is not necessary to sell door-to-door to be successful and (3) you can also recruit new members solely through downline methods. I am proving daily that one can sell products online exclusively and build sales organizations exclusively through online marketing methods.

From my own learning experience, there are seven steps I feel everyone should take when considering building a direct sales business online:

  • Always choose a company to represent that has a solid reputation and has been in business for a long time.
  • Always choose a company that has a broad product line. Too many direct marketing companies try to exist on just one product, or one small line of products, and end up going bankrupt when their product is no longer a fad or the latest craze.
  • Always choose a company that will stand behind their products with a solid moneyback guarantee.
  • Never try to sell a product that you haven’t tried or don’t use yourself. It’s always easier to sell products you believe in.
  • Never sign up with a company that provides little or no training
  • Always make sure your sponsor will be willing to “teach you the ropes” and guide you along the way if you choose to sign up with his company.
  • Success breeds success. If someone representing a direct sales company already has a method and system that works, this is the person you want to sign up under, the person you want sponsoring you. Don’t make the mistake people do too often and sign up under a friend or relative that just joined the company.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier with Watkins or the Summit Group. Combining my own knowledge of Internet marketing with the Summit Group’s proven training system has proven to me that one can build a highly successful and financially rewarding direct sales business online. Although I still have a nostalgic feeling regarding my childhood days in rural Louisiana and our monthly visits by the Watkins man, I’m having the fun of my life entering people’s homes and selling them Watkins products through an electronic doorway, rather than home’s doorway.

Watkins makes the process very easy, providing me a website, complete with shopping cart, to direct all my web traffic to. Now how’s that for progress and demonstration that a 140-year old company was able to stay in touch with the times and is always willing to hear new ideas from associates like me on how to improve the online buying experience for today’s tech-savvy consumer.

Marketing Your Information Product Business

If you’ve been creating an information product and have it all ready to go, you need to start on marketing. This will take a good bit of your time but it’s well worth it. People can’t find you or your product if you’re not out spreading the word.

Here’s the top three ways to get your product out in the marketplace so it can be found.


In order to market and sell your information product you’re going to need a website. The best way is to use a blog because it can become a content rich website packed with information. You can do this pretty quickly if you keep at it.

The benefit of a blog that is rich with content is that people will come back to your site again and again. You can sell a number of information products right from your own website without a shopping cart if you’re not ready for that step. You can also benefit from affiliate sales and advertising income if you’re set up for those.

The foundation of a blog is content. This means you’ll be writing a lot of articles or blog posts, but you can also create audio or video content. Some people really love a vlog–which is a blog post with video. If you have trouble with the content creation aspect of a blog remember that you don’t have to create it all yourself. You can outsource some of the work.

Social Networking

Everyone loves social networking. The hottest social network for meeting people and sharing information is Twitter. This is a great site because it’s like micro blogging. It can also be a fun challenge trying to keep within the character count boundaries.

Another great social network is Facebook. You can create your own fan page and update it with posts relevant to your information product. You can even have Networked Blogs update your

Facebook fan page with your blog posts. This makes it really easy to keep up with.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the best way to market to potential customers. However, you will need to spend much of your marketing efforts on creating a list of subscribers. This can be done at those social networks. Instead of promoting your product most of the time, spend a great deal of time promoting your newsletter or email list.

Email is also a great way to build relationships with your followers. It lets them get to know you a little better and many will look forward to hearing from you. The best way to build a list is to give a small report away for free, a precursor to your information product.

Marketing can be fun and easy if you keep it simple and use these methods in the beginning. Later on you can add more methods.